Lace, Grace, & 70’s Boudoir

Gia 1970's Boudoir Story

Hey, remember the 70’s? Oh yeah, sure. Garish paisley print everything, bling’n disco balls, “I can’t find my feet!”  bell bottoms, sky-high Pee-Wee Herman-esque platforms, and sultry nights at Studio 54 mass-loving to the groovy groves of Diana Ross. That sound about right? Uh’uh. While the 70’s has solidified itself in the collective conscious as a wonderland of psychedelics, quirky fashion trends, killer music, and lets be honest, more psychedelics, there was an inky undertone to the whole decade that unfortunately goes unscrutinized – washed out by the strobing glitz and glamour of the disco.

Dial down the Abba, and take that last bite out of Avocado Green; Its time to lounge in the sumptuous yet understated dark-side of the  70’s moon. Welcome to Boudoir.

Inspiration: The renegade queen of Studio 54 herself, Gia Carangi. In particular during her golden year (1978-79) before self-destruction ala heroine began to affect her career, and ultimately leading to her death from HIV at the age of 27. Gruesome? Well, yes. But Gia’s traumatic story does not detract from the allure which is still achingly evident in her images. Just take a look at Chris Von Wagenheims’ iconic chainlink fence shot and say you don’t want a little more danger, sex, velvet, and a lot more hairspray in your life. Yup. Exactly.

Sit on this: Lounge like the disco-kitten you are on a velvet mid-century modern sofa in a restorative cool grey – a delicate alternative to the oranges and yellows often found in 70’s inspired color palettes.

Featured – Lola Tufted Sofa from West Elm

Wear this: Sure, we don’t get to live in the 70’s, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress like it! From classic Halston Heritage to blue jean Gitanos, it was truly a decade of anything goes. Yet, in the bedroom lace ruled with a silken fist. Slip on a gauzy little bodysuit for dance floor mingling or midnight romps alike.

Featured – Lace Bodysuit in Raspberry from H&M. Something similar

Drink this: Meet Rob Roy. He’s a very nice guy, and will always treat you right: 2 oz Scotch Whisky, .75 oz Sweet Vermouth, 3 dashes Angostura Bittersgarnis. Stir, strain, and have on the rocks garnished with a cherry.

Featured – Rob Roy Cocktail Recipe

Listen to this: Because you look killer in lace. Because the velvet sofa feels lush under your fingertips. Because the whisky is burning its way down to all the right places. Because the Night by Patti Smith is what you will be rocking out to. I think Gia would approve.

Featured – Because the Night, Patti Smith. Released 1978 on the album Easter.

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